Luciano and Engines: Excellence and Elegance in Luxury Entertainment. A Chat with the CEO of Phi Beach

Luciano and Engines: Excellence and Elegance in Luxury Entertainment. A Chat with the CEO of Phi Beach

In the ever-evolving world of entertainment and luxury, Phi Beach stands out for its commitment to excellence. Luciano Guidi, CEO of Phi Beach, offers his guests exclusive experiences, sometimes made possible through high-level partnerships, including those with automotive and naval brands. It's no coincidence that Luciano has a great admiration for the world of engines, a passion that also reflects in the company philosophy of Sardinia's most exclusive luxury club.

The automotive sector is closely linked to Phi Beach. Where does this passion originate from?

I've always had a great admiration for the world of engines in general. The technical expertise, mechanics, and precision with which high-performance models of cars, boats, or aircraft are made can only be a source of inspiration for those who, in work and life, strive for excellence. And that's why it was natural for Phi Beach to forge strong ties with companies that work in this way, such as AMG Mercedes, Wally Yachts, and other brands in the sector.

Luciano & Mercedes

How does this inspiration translate into the world of Phi Beach, a place known for elegance and excellence in luxury entertainment?

We believe that excellence should be the foundation of every experience offered to our guests. Just as the best brands in the automotive and naval sectors strive to exceed the limits of performance and quality, we, likewise, by collaborating with brands like AMG Mercedes and Wally Yachts, aim to ensure that every detail, every service offered by Phi Beach not only meets customer expectations but surpasses them.

How have you integrated collaborations with companies in the automotive sector into your entertainment offerings at Phi Beach?

Partnerships allow us to offer our guests unique and innovative experiences. For example, we can organize special events where our clients can enjoy exclusive driving sessions in high-performance vehicles provided by our partners like AMG Mercedes. Additionally, thanks to collaborations with brands in the naval sector like Wally Yachts, we can offer luxury marine experiences, such as private yacht excursions and "Concierge Boat" services.

What are the future projects that Phi Beach has in store, considering your philosophy of excellence and collaborations with automotive and naval brands?

The goal remains the same: to offer luxury entertainment marked by excellence. Looking to the future, we want to offer our guests an ever-wider range of unique and unforgettable experiences, using more innovative technologies and strategic partnerships.

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