Luciano Guidi and Sardinia, a relationship of love and respect

Luciano Guidi and Sardinia, a relationship of love and respect
How does the CEO of the world's most exclusive beach club view Sardinia? What are the places that led Luciano Guidi to choose this island to bring his iconic Phi Beach to life? Are luxury locations truly an invaluable asset capable of elevating Sardinia to an ever higher level? Let's find out together.

Let's start from the beginning: describe Sardinia in a few words.

Sardinia is a wonderful place. Its pristine nature, the long sandy beaches similar to Copacabana, but also its woods and mountains, are the elements that make it unique. An island with an extraordinary potential for beauty capable of astonishing the entire world.

What's the best way to admire the Island?

The best way to admire Sardinia is from the sky. I had the opportunity to fly over the island from north to south by helicopter for work, and that privileged view made me realize how incredible this place is. From above, one can admire spectacular landscapes.

And the most beautiful place ever seen?

Certainly, Gorropu is the most beautiful canyon in Italy and stands out as one of the most impressive places I have ever observed. The clear and cold waters of the river flowing between the mountains, the natural pools, and the surrounding nature make it an incredible place.

If you had to rank the most beautiful landscapes?

At the top of my list would probably be Cala Luna, an incredible place, beyond imagination. Then Gorropu. But I must also mention other gems like Su Gologone, Porto Flavia, and of course Baja Sardinia, which are equally fascinating. Sardinia has an incredible variety of landscapes, and it would be difficult to choose just one as the most beautiful.

Do you think Phi Beach is an added value for Sardinia?

When we arrived here, there was nothing. We worked to create a unique place in the world without affecting the surrounding nature. We wanted to enhance and exalt the beauty of the island for both the Sardinians and visitors from all over the world. By establishing the legal headquarters here in Arzachena, rather than in the Netherlands or Luxembourg, we demonstrated our desire and commitment to help enhance Sardinia. And we continue to do so by raising the bar of excellence and quality year after year.

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