Phi Beach: the most exclusive luxury beach club of the Costa Smeralda

Phi Beach: the most exclusive luxury beach club of the Costa Smeralda

Nestled in the stunning Costa Smeralda, there lies an unparalleled place where luxury and elegance blend into an unforgettable experience: Phi Beach, a luxury beach club.

Recognized as one of Europe's most exclusive venues, Phi Beach captivates and charms hundreds of visitors each year, those who love luxury and the good life. Its panoramic terrace is unmatched worldwide. Here, one can experience incomparable emotions: from the breathtaking view of the crystal-clear sea of the Costa Smeralda, to the magical play of colors of fiery sunsets and starry nights.

At the heart of Phi Beach is the Beach Restaurant with its Clicquot Island, chosen by the Champagne House itself among the five most exclusive and sought-after Clicquot terraces in the world. A luxury oasis characterized by king-size private sunbeds where one can enjoy an exclusive “lounge concept”.

La vista panoramica del Phi Beach

As the sun sets, Phi Beach transforms its style to offer new sensations and a sunset without rivals, with peach and orange hues reflecting on the sea at the horizon, while Michelin-starred chef Giancarlo Morelli delights the palate with a multisensory culinary experience at the panoramic Phi Restaurant.

Nighttime is when the Phi Beach club comes to life with a top-tier musical selection. The presence of internationally renowned artists and an unparalleled line-up make Phi Beach the favorite destination of true electronic music connoisseurs.

In this idyllic setting, exclusive signature drinks prepared by expert mixologists who can satisfy even the most demanding tastes are a must.

Within Phi Beach, time seems to almost stand still. Only here, in a place with a unique and inimitable spirit, where elegance reigns supreme and where Sardinia opens its doors to the entire world, is it possible to live unforgettable experiences.

Il Phi Beach al momento del tramonto

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