The Gallurese Delicacies Not to Miss During a Vacation in Costa Smeralda

The Gallurese Delicacies Not to Miss During a Vacation in Costa Smeralda

A vacation in Costa Smeralda extends beyond the luxurious experiences of this destination. Sampling local cuisine is a must to discover the soul of Sardinia, especially Gallura.

The Costa Smeralda region boasts rich culinary traditions, ancient recipes passed down through generations, cherished and admired worldwide. Among these is the iconic Zuppa Gallurese, a humble dish embodying the authenticity of local cuisine. Made with typical bread, Sardinian pecorino cheese, and meat broth, this soup is a rustic delight that warms the heart.

One cannot speak of Gallura's flavors without mentioning Sardinian pecorino cheese. Sardinia is renowned for its cheese, and Costa Smeralda is no exception. During a vacation in these areas, indulge in a tasting experience to savor pecorino cheese in various aging stages, each with a unique and refined taste.

Bread Carasau
The perfect accompaniment to enjoy Sardinian cured meats and cheeses? Pane Carasau. With its thin, crispy texture, this particular type of bread is the ideal pairing for many Sardinian dishes, especially when served alongside a platter of local cold cuts, cheeses, and jams.

The star of Sardinian land cuisine is the spit-roasted suckling pig, known as "porceddu" in Sardinian dialect. It's a traditional dish that represents a true culinary art in Sardinia. The meat is tender and flavorful, enhanced by the savory crunchiness of the crispy crust.

The Mediterranean Flavors of Phi Restaurant
A meal wouldn't be complete without savoring the delicious Seadas. These fried pastries are filled with pecorino cheese and then drizzled with honey. A perfect balance of sweetness and savoriness.

In addition to these traditional delights, Costa Smeralda also offers a more modern and contemporary culinary scene. Among the modern gastronomic excellences stands our Phi Restaurant. A restaurant suspended over the water that combines the richness of traditional flavors with a touch of innovation. Here, chefs create captivating dishes that showcase local ingredients in new and exciting ways.

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