Luciano Guidi and Cuisine: A Passion for Good Taste and High Quality. A Chat with the CEO of Phi Beach

Luciano Guidi and Cuisine: A Passion for Good Taste and High Quality. A Chat with the CEO of Phi Beach
Suspended over the turquoise sea of Baja Sardinia stands a restaurant unique in its kind. Phi Restaurant is the only place where you can enjoy dishes of its contemporary Italian cuisine in a menu designed by Michelin-starred chef Giancarlo Morelli and Livio Pedroncelli, within a frame of exclusive sophistication. But this is not the only culinary experience offered by Phi Beach. In the Beach Restaurant, just a few steps from the private beach, the aromas and flavors move from the West to the East with the eclectic contemporary fusion cuisine of Chef Alessio Marcoccio. A very clear common thread unites the two restaurants: high-level raw materials and a spirit of sharing. But what drove Luciano Guidi, CEO of Phi Beach, to focus on this type of cuisine? Let's find out together.

Where does your passion for cuisine come from?

I have always loved cooking. When I was a child, they took me to a family estate in the countryside. Thanks to the authentic, bold, and genuine flavors of those moments, I cultivate a memory of good and healthy things.

How do you describe Phi Beach's culinary approach?

Unconsciously, I have always sought in cooking a clear and direct idea that goes straight to the heart of the matter: taste. Phi Beach's culinary approach is based on the scrupulous selection of raw materials, aiming at top quality. We try to understand global trends to bring here only what works, offering simple yet refined cuisine that pleases our guests.

What is the best method for selecting quality raw materials?

Definitely knowing the ingredients thoroughly and having tried them personally. I have always followed a direct selection method: I do not say that a shrimp is good if I have not tested at least a hundred other types of the same product.

What makes Phi Beach's cuisine unique compared to other restaurants?

The relentless search for the quality of raw materials combined with refinement and the shared atmosphere that is breathed. Our cuisine, although simple, is fully contextualized to respond to the tastes of our guests: this gives them an unparalleled culinary experience.

What experience do you want to offer to those who choose Phi Restaurant?

Phi Restaurant is a place to share special moments, tasting refined dishes prepared with passion and care.

Describe Phi's culinary style in three words

Quality, elegance, sharing.

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