The sunset at Phi Beach: a memorable experience acclaimed by The New York Times

The sunset at Phi Beach: a memorable experience acclaimed by The New York Times

Every year, guests from every corner of the world make their way to Phi Beach to experience the most magical moment of the day: the sunset.

As the sun begins to dip over the turquoise sea of the Costa Smeralda, creating a warm and enveloping atmosphere, the luxury beach club in Baja Sardinia prepares to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Proclaimed by The New York Times as "The Most Stunning Sunset," the sunset moment at Phi Beach is one of the most incredible experiences one can have. But not only that, the fashion magazine Vanity Fair has also repeatedly mentioned Phi Beach, placing it in its list of the coolest beach clubs in Italy.

Located in a natural bay nestled among granite cliffs, Phi Beach is the only stage that offers a spectacular panoramic view of the crystal-clear sea of Sardinia. During sunset, all of this becomes even more special: the sky is tinged with shades of red, orange, and pink, creating a breathtaking scene that leaves anyone fortunate enough to see it breathless.

Among those sipping on a good signature cocktail and those preferring a glass of premium champagne, a unique moment of sharing is created where new acquaintances are made and new friendships are formed. Experiencing this moment at Phi Beach means sharing a unique multisensory experience.

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