Luciano Guidi and Electronic Music: A Chat with the CEO of Phi Beach

Luciano Guidi and Electronic Music: A Chat with the CEO of Phi Beach
Peggy Gou, Black Coffee, Bob Sinclar, Jimmy Sax, Themba: these are just some of the big names that choose the stage of Phi Beach to perform during the summer season every year. But the news from Europe's most exclusive luxury club is always just around the corner. That's why every summer the lineup is made even more unforgettable with the presence of new internationally renowned DJs. But why electronic music specifically, and why is Phi Beach the only setting where it's possible to live these experiences?

No one can answer these questions better than the CEO and face of Phi Beach, Luciano Guidi.

Let's start from the beginning: what is the purpose of music?

It's very simple: music unites people.

Why is music so important at Phi Beach?

At Phi Beach, we bring only the best music available for two reasons: it fosters meetings and allows people to share an experience. Today, the world's highest-paid and most famous artists are the great international DJs.

Who are this year's guests at Phi Beach?

As always, we've invited the top of the world electronic music scene, real stars who return every year, feel at home with us, and can freely express themselves in front of the right audience. This year, there will be new entries like Shimza, Parallele, Francis Mercier, all great young figures who are coming to Sardinia for the first time and they're doing it at Phi Beach.

Phi Beach is a prominent destination for electronic music in Europe. How have you achieved this success?

We focus on the quality of musical performances, inviting internationally renowned artists. But not only that. We take care of the atmosphere and organization of the events, thus attracting an international audience. An audience of true music connoisseurs, capable of appreciating good music.

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