Three Unique Experiences to Live at Phi Beach

Three Unique Experiences to Live at Phi Beach

At Baja Sardinia, luxury and enchantment merge into an unprecedented experience at Phi Beach, the exclusive beach club that offers not one, but three unique and diverse experiences for those seeking to immerse themselves in the paradise of Costa Smeralda in an unforgettable way. From a day of relaxation on the private beach, to a romantic sunset followed by dinner or a night of music and taste: what are the must-experience moments at Phi Beach?

Beach Day at Phi Beach

For those who wish to embrace the sun and the crystal-clear sea of Baja Sardinia, the "Beach Day Experience" is the ideal choice. This experience includes a sunbed for two, towels as soft as clouds, a refreshing welcome drink, and a selection of fresh fruit to delight the palate. The crystal-clear water and breathtaking landscape will be the backdrop for a lunch at the beach restaurant, completing a day of pure pleasure. Please note that any extras will be settled directly on site, ensuring a tailored experience for every guest.

Golden Hour at Phi Beach

Romantics and lovers of evocative atmospheres cannot miss the "Sunset & Dinner" experience offered by Phi Beach. With an included entrance ticket, visitors will be greeted with a welcome drink as the sun gently dips below the marine horizon. Dinner, at the renowned Beach Restaurant, is a culinary experience to be shared, featuring a fixed menu that represents the best of local and international cuisine. As always, any extras will be charged separately to ensure a carefree evening.

For music lovers and those seeking fun, the "Dj Set & Dinner" is the perfect opportunity to groove to the beats of top DJs while enjoying an unforgettable dinner. A welcome drink will greet guests as the guest DJ fills the air with engaging rhythms and vibes. Entrance to the DJ set is included in the package (without a table), along with dinner at the Beach Restaurant featuring a dedicated fixed menu to share. Any extras will be handled individually to ensure a seamless night.

Night at Phi Beach

Phi Beach in Baja Sardinia is the perfect place to dive into a coastal paradise and create lasting memories. The three experiences offered – Beach Day, Sunset & Dinner, and Dj Set & Dinner – are designed to satisfy every desire and taste.

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